Sunday, February 28, 2016

Be Light by Samuel Rodriguez


      Though he has been in full time ministry for quite some time, one of the new emerging faces in the Christian media scene is Pastor Samuel Rodriguez. Samuel is the Pastor of New Seasons Christian Center in Sacramento and has just written a new book that is scheduled to be released in May on the subject, Be Light. I received a free copy of this book to review from the book review program for bloggers, available at The views expressed are my own.
       The book is divided into 30 chapters, in somewhat of a devotional format, with the chapters being about 6-8 pages each. Each chapter focuses in on a physical aspect of the subject of light and then uses that aspect as a springboard for the scriptural application of the topic. There is a reflection part of 1-2 pages that helps you to focus on the main thought, though I sometimes found the thoughts not related to the main point.
       First, let me say that I am not a very scientific person, and when discussing the physical attributes of light, I can get no further than the "on" button on a light switch. I also am a very simplistic person, and prefer when discussing scientific matters that you just skip the detail and give me the main point you're attempting to get across. Perhaps you're different and therefore this may be just what you need.
       I will say that the author definitely did his research well for the book and did great job of finding material for each of the 30 chapters that focuses on separate aspects of light. I will also say that his purpose is to inspire, as much as it is to inform and he does convey that well. The goal of the book is not simply to read about light but to actually be light in our world. I hope that if you read this book that you will take the time to meditate the material and apply to your life. May you shine brightly so all of the world can see Jesus in you.

Friday, February 26, 2016

21 Seconds to Change Your World by Dr Mark Rutland


       What do you think of when you think of th word 'prayer'? Do you think, that's boring or religious? Or are you one of those individuals who has a difficult time even trying to pray? What if somebody offered you a Biblical, time proven, simple prayer that takes about 21 seconds any time you pray it? Would you at least be interested to find out more about it? That is what Dr. Mark Rutland has done in his new book on prayer, titled "21 Seconds to Change your World". I was given this book for fee through the book review program for bloggers, available through and the views expressed are my own.
        Dr. Mark Rutland is the President of both the National Institute of Christian Leadership and Global Servants. He has served in the past as a Pastor, University President and best selling author. His latest work, focused on the subject of prayer, is a compilation of actually two prayers found in the Bible, both the Lord's Prayer as taught by Jesus, and Psalm 23, as recited centuries earlier by King David. It is the Lord's prayer that takes about 21 seconds to pray, but Dr. Rutland endeavors to help 'fuel your fire' t get started by telling of not only his own personal journey in learning these Biblical prayers, but of how others have been impacted also. The book is interspersed with stories of he and others who have shared the blessing of these vital prayers.
       The book centers around the two primary prayers, by taking a line or phrase from each one in separate chapters, and examining what their words actually mean. It's one thing to recite words in a dead, religious way, but it's another thing to understand what you're praying and, therefore, what to expect from you prayers. The chapters are very short and not too theologically complicated. It is very simple to follow the author's ideas and even simpler to implement them. It's a very practical tool for prayer, and Dr. Rutland does not say you only have to pray only 21 seconds a day, as he actually recommends using these prayers multiple times daily.
       At first, I was not very impressed by the book, by what I perceived to be it's lack of depth. I did not find the concepts terribly new, as Larry Lea and others have presented similar ideas in years gone by. But, as I pressed on and meditated on some of the concepts that the author presented, I found them easy enough to understand and implement, in about 21 seconds to be exact. So, as you read, don't discount age old, time proven truths. .Remember to put it into practice what you've heard. I believe it will aid you in growing in your prayer, even if it's only less than a minute more every day.