Tuesday, July 19, 2016

With My Eyes Wide Open by Brian "Head" Welch

      Brian "Head" Welch, one of the main musicians in the rock band Korn, entered into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ several years ago, and soon after left the band. He later wrote a biography which chronicled his journey up to that time. But, now, a few years later, he's back with the band again, but with no less of an intriguing tale as when he first began his original steps of faith. His new book "With My Eyes Wide Open" tells of his journey back to Korn, and highlights the importance of family and being willing to do what it takes to save the ones we love.
      Much of the drama in the book centers around his journey after leaving Korn, trying to live a "normal" life, raise his daughter and begin a solo career. But, it also includes the troubles of adjusting in a world outside the music industry. The ups and downs of his own personal struggles, bad business deals that nearly left him destitute and the heartache of his daughter's own struggles are chronicled in the pages.
   What I appreciated most about the book was his honesty about the struggles he faced. And I felt the pain he endured over his daughter, and her struggle just to survive. His failures are life lessons to not let the circumstances keep us down. And, in restoring his relationship with the band Korn, he also shows us not to throw away the people we love the most. His victories are a sweet reminder that God can make miracles out of our mistakes and cause us to triumph in spite of insurmountable obstacles. I received this book for free as part of the book review program for bloggers, available at http://www.booklookbloggers.com. I hope that you will learn and grow from Brian's journey.