Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nearing Home by Billy Graham

                      Billy Graham is probably the best known evangelist in American history. He has reportedly preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more humans than anyone in history and has spoken in 185 nations of the world. It is also no secret that Dr. Graham has gotten older, has suffered from numerous physical challenges and, like all of us, is coming closer each day to his final day of rest. So, as he nears the end of his life, we find a book release from him that discusses not just what lies ahead of him in eternity, but the new challenges he has faced in the journey toward that goal. His book, Nearing Home, is a practical book that discusses life, growing older and the after life, and is a must read for all of us.
                     Most people do not particularly like to think much about their own death. For those who do so, we may often believe that they are unusual and perhaps even morbidly preoccupied with a subject that few people desire to address. But, in this book, Dr. Graham does not shy away from the subject and chooses to tackle the issues head on that most individuals might not want to discuss openly. Some of the chapter titles include "Consider the Golden Years" and "Death's Destination". But, each one of them has relevance for each of us, because each of us do grow older, will most likely witness the death of someone we love and will have to deal with the effects of age in this life. Most importantly, as the title implies, this earth is not our home and each day we draw closer to our home in heaven. Are we prepared for that moment when we arrive 'home'? Are we prepared for all our journey entails before we arrive? These are topics that are covered in the pages of the book.
                     I was somewhat hesitant to read the book Nearing Home, as I found the subject uncomfortable. And, while I do not promise that reading this selection will give you warm feelings of joy, I do recommend that everyone read it. It will be food for thought, will spur you on to prepare for the future and will make you think more about eternity than you may have done in quite some time.
                    This book was given to me complimentary as a part of the book review program for bloggers at Though you may find the topic unpleasant to think about , it is a needed read for all of us and will help you look closer to heaven as you begin your journey of "Nearing Home".

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