Sunday, July 7, 2013

What Can God Do Through You? Fearless by Eric Blehm

                     Usually when I write reviews, I like to give a little background, perhaps lay out the contents and then share what you can get out of the book. But in the case of Fearless by Eric Blehm, I'm just going to come to the point and tell you to read the book. Eric Blehm has taken the story of Adam Brown, a team member of Navy Seal Team Six, and painted a picture of what God can do through anyone who will be willing to not quit, to submit their life to God and to trust Him even in difficult times. It tells of humility, sacrifice, selflessness, courage, commitment and honor. It was a fantastic book and I recommend it highly. Now, with all that being said, please allow me to share as if I were writing to Kelley Brown, the widow of the great warrior this book presents.
                      Kelley, I'm writing as a blogger who recently read the book Fearless written about your husband Adam's life, and thereby yours and your children's lives also. I wanted to write to you personally and share my thoughts after reading this terrific biography. I would tell you how awesome of a person Adam seemed to be, but you already know that. So, I'd like instead to share from my heart a bit of thanksgiving to you and your family for allowing his story to be told and to explain why I felt this way after reading the book.
                      First, you may still feel grieved and shaken by his death even after coming so far and I pray that the Holy Spirit will be the Comforter that He is to you and your children.. From you seeing Adam through overcoming drug addiction, to standing by him with a blinded eye, nearly severed fingers and other injuries, to watching him love his family and friends and to serve his country and die for that cause, I believe he would say that he wouldn't have made it without you or his other family members being by his side through it all. Thank you for the sacrifices you made to allow Him to fulfill the dreams he had in his heart.
                       Second, the most important lesson I hope that everyone who reads it and who comes in contact with you sees, and one that I'm reminded of every time I hear another person's testimony, is that God can do amazing things through any of us, no matter how far down we've come, or how far up we think we are. I summed up the title of my review as 'What Can God Do Through You' because I believe Adam's life exemplifies that principle.
                       I was also moved by the amount of honor shown to Adam in his life of service, his death, burial, and even afterward. I sobbed my way through probably the last 50 pages of the book, not just because of the sacrifices he made, but because of the humility he showed, the honor he was given and the legacy he has left not just for his family, but now for multiplied thousands of people who will hear and learn from his example.
                        I received this book for free from "Water Brook/Multnomah Publishing Group" for this review. I was not expecting what I got out of it. I look forward to meeting Adam in eternity some day. I am also thankful to Eric for taking on this project and believe he did a great job telling the story. Anyone else reading this review may read a sneak peak of chapter one at

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