Monday, October 28, 2013

Godonomics by Chad Hovind

Godonomics by HOVIND, CHAD

               In the current economic and political environment in America today, it could be tempting to assume that there is no other alternative to our situation and that we have to face the inevitable troubles that could result from our excessive debt, taxes and inflation. Others might, on the opposite end, assume that nothing at all is wrong and that the abundance of possessions we are able to accumulate and enjoy are proof that everything is actually ok. However, in Godonomics by Chad Hovind, we can see both by economics and history that there not only is a different way of living, but  the way things are does not always guaranteed that they will stay that way and could be the beginning of much more challenging times ahead of us.
               This book is a good look at money, American history and political thinking. It does not propose supporting any particular political party. But instead, it exhorts the readers to examine the Biblical principles of wealth and poverty to return to the foundations which God said will cause a nation to prosper. It is a look that most people may normally not take at their money and the assumptions we often make on how it is spent.
               Perhaps you have forgotten, or don't remember names is history like John Meynard Keyes, and Adam Smith. Maybe a contemporary name like Allan Greenspan might strike a memory or two. But, the thinking of these and other individuals are challenged in comparison to the Biblical models of financial stewardship and prosperity. This book will challenge you and educate you in many ways.
                I received this book for free from "Water Brook/Multnomah Publishing Group" for this review. You can learn a lot from it though at times you may get a little confused by some of the finance lessons and history you may have missed along the way. If you want a preview, Click here to download chapter one of Godonomics. - See more at:

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