Thursday, June 5, 2014

Greater by Steven Furtick

                Have you ever longed for something more? Have you ever sensed in your heart that you were born to do something you never anticipated with your life? But, have you ever settled into the routine of the comfortable and the familiar? Has life ever become so mediocre that each day seems like a complete repeat of the day before? The latter two choices are the type of lives that many people fall into. But, pastor and author Steven Furtick challenges us in his book Greater that God has something more in store for us than we ever thought was possible when we reach out to Him and allow Him to take us on our journey with Him through life.
                This book has actually been out for quite some time, but I was recently given a free copy for this review through the book review program for bloggers that can be found at from the Crown Publishing Group. With the recent emphasis on featuring this selection again from the publisher, I'm glad that I had the opportunity to review the selection. As always, Steven Furtick delivers a no-nonsense challenge to his audience to not just waste their life away and not just settle for the mundane but to live the greater life that God has already designed for them to live.
                Using the life of the prophet Elisha (not to be confused with the prophet Elijah, of which he does make a distinction), Pastor Steven Furtick examines the things we can learn from this great leader whom God used mightily on the earth. He compares the prophet's adventures to the things that God wants to do through us, making the illustrations from Elisha's exploits potent pictures of the power that's available to all of us as we dare to believe for the impossible.
                 While I do not necessarily feel that this was Pastor Furtick's best work, it is still a powerful work that will challenge you to think, do and be more than you ever have before. As always, the author includes his own personal stories and confessions that make the material more relatable to those who are reading it. It's worth reading if you allow yourself to be challenged and to act on the principles he espouses. And there' seven a study guide at the end for group discussion of the material presented. You can read a sneak preview of the first chapter at

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