Saturday, April 1, 2017

Say Goodbye to Regret by Bob Santos


      I have reviewed books written by Bob Santos previously and it has always been a good experience. Mr. Santos has written three previous books and "Say Goodbye to Regret - Discovering the Secret to a Blessed Life" is his latest work. But don't let the title confuse you, for while it does address regret that we have had in the past, to some degree, the focus centers mainly around the key to avoiding regret in the future, which is the wisdom of God.
      The first chapter "If I Only Knew Then..." should hit close to the home of all those who reads it, as he writes about a theme all too common for multitudes, if not everyone. The remaining chapters expound on the subject of regret, and center around avoiding it in the future through the use of wisdom. Yes, there is a chapter on putting past regrets to rest. But, wouldn't all of us like to avoid having regrets in the future by making wise decisions? This is where the author's greatest contributions to the subject come into play.
      A couple of things I have liked about all of the books I have read by Bob Santos include the following. First, the subjects he has chosen to write about thus far have been very relevant to everyone, including the topics of grace, Bible study and regret (Champions in the Wilderness is a compilation of several topics). Second, having been a college campus minister for many years prior to his writing career, he is in touch with not just the issues but the thought process some will use in 'mentally responding' to each thesis he proposes and this gives him an ability to anticipate the reactions of others before they have even voiced their complaints.
     I admit I was a little disappointed that the book did not focus more on past regret and perhaps the title through me a little bit. So, for that aspect I do not consider it his best work of the four subjects but it is still worth a read. If you have ever found yourself thinking from time to time 'why do I keep making the same dumb decisions' then this is probably a place you may want to start. And, ALL of us can use a little more wisdom for the future. I look forward to the next contribution the author makes to the literature world, though I can't imagine what relevant topic he will choose to tackle next. Pray for him for the wisdom of God for his future.

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