Thursday, September 12, 2013

God of the Underdogs by Matt Keller

                  In your life, there probably have been moments when you have been up against difficult odds. There have probably been times where you have felt like you were the 'underdog' as you faced your opponent, whether it be a person or a problem. And it's good to know that no matter what challenge may come your way in the future and what opponent you may encounter, the God who created the heaven and the earth is on your side. And that is the subject of Pastor Matt Keller's recent book, God of the Underdogs.
                   Matt Keller is the founder and senior Pastor of Next Level Church, in Ft. Meyers, Florida. God of the Underdogs is his second book and a sizable part of it is laced with stories from his personal experiences in pioneering a church, as well as life lessons he discovered along the way. He is one of the fresh, newer faces of emerging leaders today and has a lot of valuable things to say.
                    The book tells the story of several Bible characters who faced obstacles as the underdog. Each chapter focuses on one person and lists the excuse they could have used, and sometimes actually did, as they faced their own difficult circumstances. From the Apostle Paul, who could have said 'My past is too bad' to Gideon, who might have thought "My resources are too scarce', each person paints the picture of the reasons we often use to excuse our lack of courage to attempt great things for God. And like a leader and a life coach, Pastor Matt inspires all of us to get up, drop the excuses and do something great for God.
                    I would recommend the book to anyone who struggles with thinking they can't be used by God to accomplish great things, or that He is through with them. And, though I sometimes questioned his choice of the excuses connected to some of the characters, since I felt another option might have been more appropriate, we each have probably used some of these excuses as we faced intimidating situations in our lives. This is definitely an applicable book for multitudes of people.
                    I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I think you'll find yourself in the pages of God of the Underdogs, and you may discover that what you thought disqualified you in working for God may be used as a stepping stone to greatness in the kingdom of God.

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