Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Call To Resurgence by Mark Driscoll

              There are a lot of people who know how to complain about the church. However, upon closer examination, you will often find that their complaints evolve out of personal offenses or preferences in church styles and methods. Many times, the individuals who complain have done very little in church accomplishments and their credibility is flawed. So it's refreshing when a person comes not to complain but to exhort, not on the basis of personal offense or preference but on the basis of scripture, and not as one has sat on the recliner coaching the quarterback, but as one who has a proven Pastoral track record with many wins under his belt. Mark Driscoll comes as that leader and he raises a passionate cry for the church to be the church in his latest book A Call to Resurgence.
               Pastor Mark Driscoll is the teaching Pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, which he founded and has served for close to two decades. He is a best selling author and his latest book follows his typical humorous, Biblical and challenging style. The subtitle of the book, 'Will Christianity have a funeral or a future?', sums up the  direction the book takes in it's contents.
The prospects of a future for the church do not appear positive by cultural indicators, but that is why Pastor Mark exhorts his readers to change things by returning to Biblical truths.
                I honestly wasn't sure what point he was leading up to as I read the first couple of chapters. Focusing on areas such as how we got to the state we're in, how the church is divided into tribes and the importance of the Holy Spirit, although connected, seemed not to make a distinct point at first. However, by the last chapter, discussing Mission: Seven Principles for Resurgence, he ties things together in a clarion call to focus on what is the most important thing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
               Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book free as a part of their book review program for bloggers. I like everything Mark Driscoll writes so I am a little biased. I do not consider this book as his best work, but it is a worthwhile read and will give you many things to think about as you take up the calling to change the world by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. You can learn more about Pastor Mark, his ministry and A Call to Resurgence by visiting

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