Sunday, December 15, 2013

The New Answers Book 4 by Ken Ham

              There are several subjects in the world which can ignite debate rather quickly. One of the prominent topics that can be found on that list is the subject of evolution. While some may claim that this debate is fueled only by the sides of Christians vs. non-Christians, the lines are not that distinct, as there are many non-Christians who profess non-evolutionary views, and even many Christians who believe that the earth evolved as part of Gods creation. But, whichever side of the debate you choose to stand on, Ken Ham and the organization Answers in Genesis have put together another book which addresses many questions that people have in connection with science, creation and the Biblical accounts of life and the issues it addresses.
               The book I reviewed is the New Answers Book 4. This is the fourth in a series which contains articles, lectures and messages given in response to common questions that stem from the ongoing dialogue between creationists and evolutionists. Written by a series of authors, with a litany of credentials to support their expertise and experience, the book approaches each issue from the perspective of creation science and provides the reasons, scientifically, why the writers hold their viewpoints.
               The New Answers Book 4 contains 33 chapters. The questions answered include, "Was Charles Darwin A Christian?", "What About Living Fossils?" and "How Big is the Universe?". There are too many others to list, but it is a wide variety of topics within the scientific community that are discussed within it's pages. I am not a very scientifically minded person, so I was lost at several points in what is probably simple language to most people in the field. But, I did find the book a very valuable resource and believe it will help you to understand the perspective of many issues from a creation science viewpoint, even if you do not agree.
              I received this book for free through the Master's Books, a division of New Leaf Press Publishing Group, book review program for bloggers at The views expressed are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. You may order the book at or preview the contents of The New Answers Book 4 at the link In an age where many believe that creationists have no scientific validity for their convictions, The New Answers Book 4 will offer the reasonable, rational and relatable reasons for a radical faith in the God who created the world.

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