Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Champions in the Wilderness by Bob Santos

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          I like the Bible. and when I read Christian books, I like it when they take their thoughts from the Bible, rather than trying to find scriptures to confirm their thoughts, as the current trend is in today's Christian books and in many pulpits also. So, when I began reading Champions in the Wilderness by Bob Santos, I found myself comforted by the Biblical emphasis the author takes in this book, which is a 52 lesson devotional that I believe you will find beneficial in helping you navigate through seemingly dry spots, confusing spots and sometimes even painful periods in your walk with God. Rather than provide a step by step map through the wilderness periods of the Christian life, the book will serve as more of a guidebook along the terrain that you will travel, teaching you what you will likely encounter, and how to navigate it successfully.
          Perhaps you've never heard of Bob Santos. But as you read Champions in the Wilderness, you'll get to know hin a little better. Bob was born-again in 1980 while in college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and later served on the same campus for 16 years in ministry to college students. In 2006, he and his wife Debi launched Search For Me Ministries. He writes from a wealth of experience as both a Christian serving Jesus faithfully and as a full time minister. Many stories from his own life and ministry are woven throughout the book. He is candidly honest but challenging in his lessons and they will cause you to look inside yourself and be open for examination, while looking inside the Bible for answers.
          The book has four sections, focusing the lessons on understanding your journey, faith, security and purpose. The chapters are short, normally with a Bible reading, quote and lesson. These are followed by probing questions, action steps, a closing prayer and further reading. I was able to read through the material quickly so that I might blog about it, but I do not recommend that approach. Take the time to read the material, answer the questions, take the steps, pray the prayer and read further. Though there are 52 lessons, I think a small group would benefit from the material.                
          Finally, there are a couple of places where I felt the lesson could have been supported better by a different scripture reference, but not many of them. But this did not hinder the points from getting across. I received this book free through the book review program for bloggers at www.bookcrash.com and was not required to write a positive review. You may purchase this book at http://www.amazon.com. To the author I say, good job Mr. Santos, I look forward to reading any works you might produce in the future.

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