Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Six Days by Ken Ham

           Six Days
             Ken Ham would have made a good attorney if he had not chosen to dedicate his life to creation science and defending Biblical worldviews against the onslaught that challenges such positions. In his new book "Six Days" he argues passionately, unreservedly and without apology for the Biblical position of creation that is based on six literal days and not on the millions or billions of years associated with the evolutionary theories of the world. He presents his case coming from several different angles and gives the reader plenty to think about in this challenging book.
            The book focuses on the arguments raging even among Christian circles that the Bible book of Genesis, chapters 1-11 specifically, should not be taken literally and can very easily be compatible with the scientific discoveries of man and the record "millions of years" of life on the earth. In order to effectively counter the arguments used by those who oppose a literal, six day account of creation, Noah's flood and other passages found in Genesis, the author first has to define terms. After emphasizing the importance of proper foundations in this area, he defines 'science', distinguishing between observational science and historical science.
             Moving on to describing the difference between exegesis and eisegesis in interpreting the Biblical text, the author lays a foundation for explaining why he believes the unnecessary inclusion of reading 'millions of  years' into the Bible narratives is not only problematic, but can lead to greater questioning of other Biblical texts, such as the resurrection of Jesus. And, while this may sound to someone reading this review as a wide gap between doubting six literal days and doubting Jesus' resurrection, Ken Ham states his case emphatically and provides the reasons he believes such a connection can easily be made.
             I enjoyed the fact that Ken Ham is passionate about what he believes in the book. I also liked the fact that he is not simply reciting the literal six day creation position without scientific support. There are thousands of scientists who do not support evolutionary views, and his organization Answers in Genesis publishes a considerable amount of material to present concrete evidence of their views. But, perhaps what I appreciated most was that the book is not simply trying to prove his point on the six days of creation, but rather to emphasize that how we interpret scripture determines how we will inevitably live, and compromising in one part of the Bible can lead to compromising other parts, with possible eternal implications.
                 A trailer about the book is available at . I received this book for free through the Master's Books, a division of New Leaf Press Publishing Group, book review program for bloggers at The views expressed are my own and I was not required to write a positive review. You may order the book at or preview the contents of Six Days at the link . For more more information about Ken Ham or Answers in Genesis, you can read . The fight that the author espouses is not one of merely six days of creation, it is fighting for Biblical truth. May this book better equip you to win.

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