Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Living Life Undaunted by Christine Caine

       Christine Caine is a popular conference speaker, author and the founder of the Acts 21 Campaign, which helps to rescue the victims of human trafficking. I have written about her book "Undaunted" previously. Now, there comes a devotional resource connected to the same concepts found in "Undaunted". Christine's newest book is titled "Living Life Undaunted" and packs quite a bit of information in it's pages. The readings pivot off many of the concepts found in the original work, allowing the reader more time to meditate and reflect on the scriptural truths that the writer presents.
       The book is a year-long devotional with 365 readings that are 1-2 pages each. Every new day begins with a scripture verse, the devotional thoughts, and a brief 'Moment of Reflection' to ask a question and exhort toward the topical goal. As a devotional it would be easy to read, though for the purpose of this blog I read considerably more than a day at a time. Divided into four sections with three months in each one, the main four subjects addressed in each quarter are 'broken', 'loved', 'empowered' and 'commissioned'. This gives a framework for what the author is attempting to convey with each allotted span.
        First, Christine Caine is a gifted writer and she communicates with humor and pointed clarity that allows for thoughtful introspection (which is another way of saying she makes you laugh and then kicks you when you least expect it to wake you up to action). Second, any page of the day's musings may be taken on it's own to use for personal edification. However, I did on several occasions find myself questioning why she would open the day with a particular scripture verse that did not seem directly connected to that day's discussion.
        Still, it was a good devotional and it's simplicity makes it easy to digest for any age group or gender, though women appear to be the main target audience in mind as the writings are presented. I received this book for free through the book review program for bloggers, available at http://booklookbloggers.com. I recommend the book for those who need encouraged, those who don't know how loved they are and those who find it hard to imagine what God can do through them...and through you and me too.

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