Saturday, May 16, 2015

Life Is by Juddah Smith


          What is life all about? What is living life supposed to be about? Have you ever had any of these questions come into your mind once in awhile? Chances are, you have experienced those wanderings from time to time. And it is questions like those which may attract some readers to Pastor Judah Smith's new book "Life Is" where the author explores some of the intricacies of life from a Biblical worldview and guides his readers to the right direction for their answers to life's probing questions.
          Judah Smith is the Pastor of the City Church in Seattle, Washington. He has written before, including the best-selling "Jesus Is". Following the pattern of the title set in his past work, "Life Is" is divided into 4 sections and 16 chapters. The sections each highlight an aspect of what life is all about, including how life is to love and to be loved, life is to trust God in every moment, life is to be at peace with God and yourself and life is to enjoy God. The chapters elaborate on each concept.
          First, Judah is a gifted communicator, which is one of the reasons he is well known in the United States and around the world. Second, he is very strong on his use of personal illustrations and rather funny in employing them throughout the book. The book is entertaining and simple, which is the desire many people share in choosing a good book. I found the Biblical content to be a little weaker than I expected, considering the rich spiritual background and reputation Judah and his church have in the Christian world. But, nonetheless, it was still a good read and enjoyable.
          Ultimately, life is about Jesus. God made us in His image and desires for us to know Him and enjoy the life He created for us. Only by aligning ourselves with God's thoughts and intentions for life, will we be able to enjoy it to the full. I hope "Life Is" will make this end more achievable for you and will put you on the path to an abundant life. This book was given to me, free of charge, through the Book Look book review program for bloggers, available at, and the views expressed are my own.

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