Saturday, October 31, 2015

Glory Days by Max Lucado

         I must confess, I had never read a Max Lucado book prior to this month. Even though Max is a popular Pastor, speaker and best selling author of dozens of books, I had never found anything that I wanted to read specifically. That is, until now. I recently received a copy of "Glory Days" to read for free, thought the book review program for bloggers, available at recently and began to read. The views expressed are entirely my own.
         The book is a series of lessons found in the Bible book of Joshua. Rather than going in depth into every single verse in the story, the author chooses to discuss major sections of the chapters, and still manages to cover a significant portion of the material. The subtitle 'Living Your Promised Land Life Now' is a concise statement of the focus of the pages, to help believers to live the life that God intends for them to enjoy now, while on earth. Through the stories he elaborates on from the book of Joshua, Max Lucado systematically helps others learn the things we'll encounter on the way to 'promised land living'.
         Some of the nice features of the book include study questions at the end. The questions focus on each individual chapter, and are divided into three parts, based on whether you feel like you're living in your 'wilderness', 'crossing moment' or 'promised land'. And, in the hardback copy I obtained, there was even several pages of preview for Max Lucado's new devotional book, "God Is With You Everyday".
         Overall, it was an enjoyable read and very simple. I think that some of the author's Pastoral experience comes in his handling of the issues people face daily, and he addresses them with compassion and sensitivity, including death, failure and loss. If you want encouragement and hope that God is with you through your own wilderness and that He desires even better for your life, this might be a good read for you.

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