Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good Things by Kevin Gerald

 Life can tend to be negative, at least if you view it that way. With all of the pain, suffering, abuse, loss and hardship that everyone endures, it can sometimes be a challenge to "look on the bright side". Author and Pastor Kevin Gerald, in his new book, Good Things, does not deny that there can be trials in this life. He, instead, endeavors to help us adjust our focus in life, to see God, who is good, and to expect good things in our lives.
          Kevin Gerald is the Pastor of Champions Centre in the state of Washington. He has previously authored other books, but his latest effort is an attempt to help us view life from a different perspective, with the expectation of good. The book has 19 chapters, divided into 5 major parts. He begins with the foundation that God is in the good, and moves on to the origin of favor. He ends with training us to expect a life of good things, of favor, of not settling for less. The book does not ignore the pain and suffering faced by many, but instead discusses it openly and allows us to see how even these things can be used to bring about good, because of the grace of God.
          I particularly like his use of personal and applicable illustrations. He communicates through the pages well and takes you on a journey with him to discover the goodness sometimes missed when traveling the road of life. For those looking for deep Bible study, you won't find it here. But for those looking for encouragement, a new perspective and hope for the future, in spite of a rocky past, this may be worth your time to read.
         This book was provided for free to me through the program for bloggers, available at The views expressed are my own. I hope that Kevin Gerald continues to encourage others and shares scriptural insights from his years of experience as a leader. We all can greatly benefit from more good things coming our way.

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