Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Touchpoint by Bob Santos


       We live in the most technologically advanced age in history. And, for the person who desires to learn about the Bible, resources abound everywhere that can help in this endeavor. But, sometimes finding a starting point can be overwhelming, especially for the person who is new to the Bible and wants to know where to begin. And, Bob Santos' new book "The Touchpoint" helps to ease the complications for those who are desiring to learn about the Bible, with one major difference from  other Bible study books...the author desires to teach you how the Bible is our touchpoint for connecting with God, who inspired the writers who penned the scriptures.
       One of the things I liked about this book is the emphasis in the first few chapters, on connecting with God. Though that  is the focus of chapter one, it is elaborated throughout the book in a way that is unique to most Bible study. Most Bible study centers around the tools and methods of actual Bible study. "The Touchpoint" does cover some of the common ways the study of scripture is approached, but it also emphasizes our heart's preparation in knowing God through the Bible, the authority of the scriptures and some basics you will need to know before you delve into the Bible in depth.
      The book is not meant to be a "one stop shop" for every subject. The point is to help you know God, who He is, what He said and what He desires. "The Touchpoint" does talk about Bible translations, context of scripture and other basic topics for Bible studies. But, it is only to give some basic overview so that you have a point of reference to study further. And, the author does talk about issues with subjects like science, but tries to avoid some of the debate which inevitably ensues when bringing up the "creation" word. 
    In spite of being basic, there is a lot of information in the pages of "The Touchpoint". I think it would work great for someone if the book is studied within a group setting, one chapter at a time, to maximize the material it discusses. This also could facilitate discussion for those just beginning to learn about the Bible, and Pastors or small group leaders should consider this as a book for study in their groups.
    This is the third work Bob Santos has written and he has so far chosen to address relevant and Biblical material. I hope that he will continue to write more in the future, to better equip future generations with knowledge of Bible truths. You can order "The Touchpoint" and other books and resources by Bob Santos at Search for Me Ministries ( and for today only (April 17, 2016) "The Touchpoint" is available for free at

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