Sunday, April 10, 2016

Unqualified by Steven Furtick

(UN)Qualified by Steven Furtick

     I have done reviews on a couple of Steven Furtick's other books. So I was not surprised by his style of writing when I was given a free copy of his latest book "Unqualified" thought the book review program for bloggers available at And, as with his other works, his illustrations paint pictures that show his points very well. He is a gifted communicator who is transparent about his personal struggles, while offering Biblical hope for those seeking to be encouraged.
     Unqualified is a look at all of us and how we, in one way or another, are unqualified by the world's standards to be saved by God, loved by God, used by God and blessed by God. Though the thoughts in the book had been swirling in his mind for some time, it was only after hearing an interview with a theologian who, when asked to describe what he thought about Steven Furtick, responded disapprovingly with the word "unqualified". The author explains his response throughout the book, without attacking the theologian who made the comment.
     I like Steven Furtivk's ability to communicate and appreciate his way of using simple and even personal illustrations to draw out his points. This book does that very well. However, one of the areas that disappointed me was the lack of stronger scriptural usage to support his thoughts, particularly earlier in the book. He does use scriptural stories, like Jacob, and uses them well. But, I felt that he spent a lot of time discussing what he was trying to say, more than scripturally stating what the Bible declares.
    The book, however, is a vital subject for believers who struggle in any way with insecurity, identity, acceptance, belonging or the love of God. The Biblical texts he does utilize do help point believers in the right direction. Because, the fact is, we are all unqualified. But, as someone said years ago, and the author reiterates in the book. "God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called."

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