Saturday, September 27, 2014

Be the Message by Kerry and Chris Shook

          Pleasantly surprised. That's the way I would describe my reaction to the new book by Kerry and Chris Shook, titled, "Be the Message". This book was offered to me for free through the book review program for bloggers, available at from the Crown Publishing Group. I am not sure what I expected when I first received it, but it was an interesting read that kept me going until I finished it. This was a noteworthy contribution from Kerry and Chris Shook, who Pastor the Woodlands church, in the Houston, Texas area of the United States.
        What makes this book excellent is it's basic premise that I could sum up in two words "Do Something". Whereas many Christian books can focus either entirely on scripture, or in today's culture can be caught up with the emotional, family, vocational and other issues, this book is a clarion call to make a difference on the world we live in today. It is simple, practical and yet motivational in it's approach, with out being a hyped up sales pitch to jump on the trail of the latest fad.
         One of the ideas contained in the pages is the concept that we embody Jesus Christ on the earth. We are the visible expression of what He is like to others. Opening the book as a Pastor stating how tired he is of more sermons, Kerry launches into an exhortation to Christians to begin putting into practice all that they have learned in church and from Christian leaders. What follows are areas these thoughts apply to and illustrations that paint a picture of how each one of us can be effective in reaching out beyond our comfort zones. Just as a note, though they wrote the book together, they don't usually distinguish which one of them is speaking unless they deemed it necessary,
          The book has suggestions at the end of each chapter that will both challenge you to listen to God prompting you on how to be a blessing, as well as practical ideas to make those promptings a reality. If you are wanting to make a difference around you, this will be a helpful resource in accomplishing that goal. I am glad I chose this work and look forward to reading more material from this great couple in the future.  

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