Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Case for Christ - student edition by Lee Strobel

                 The field of 'Apologetics' might sound to someone unfamiliar with the term as though one would be studying how to apologize. However,  to followers of Jesus Christ, this discipline is a look into how to effectively give a defense of the Christian faith. One of the more well known teachers of Christian apologetics is a former writer for the Chicago Tribune, an author by the name of Lee Strobel. Lee was converted to Christ while researching the facts of the Christian faith many years ago and wrote a book for adults that became a best seller called, 'The Case for Christ'. And my task, recently, was to delve into the student edition of 'The Case for Christ', given to me free of charge by the program for bloggers at http://
                  As a student edition of it's name sake, this version condenses much of the material examined in the original edition. The book is about 120 pages and is divided into three major sections, asking who Jesus is, how reliable was the information about Him and can a dead man be raised back to life. The nine chapters tackle each of these subjects and present a synopsis version of the material. It is filled with many age appropriate illustrations and does a good job of tackling the questions, giving the author's own personal journey of how he approached the subjects when he first researched them decades earlier.
                  Honestly, the book is full of good information that is very important, but I personally did not find it engaging my attention enough. Perhaps this is because I am not a teen or twenty-something or maybe it is due to my familiarity with much of the material already. Either way, I was not as compelled as I have been by other apologetics books I have read previously.
                  In spite of this, if you have a teen or college student, or know of one, who has questions about the Christian faith or wants to learn how to defend their own faith, this is a good resource to start them with in their quest. The length and style make it a quick read and it is formatted to be used in small, discussion based groups (with other resources available for that purpose). Everyone, at one time or another, has had some questions about why Christians believe what they do. This is a tool that can be used to answer those questions and to point others to faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God, the Savior of the world.

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