Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Storm by Jim Cymbala

           Perhaps you have heard of or have been one of those who survived a devastating natural storm in your life. Hurricanes like Sandy, Ike and Katrina have ravaged the United States in recent years and have created untold destruction in their aftermath. But in the world, sometimes these storms are easily identifiable and there are ways to prepare for the effects that we may encounter. Jim Cymbala's latest book "Storm" doesn't address natural weather patterns, but it does detail the signs that show a spiritual storm is likely to come on the church world, and he discusses the things that we can do to better prepare ourselves for it's arrival.
           For over four decades, Jim Cymbala has been the Pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle in the heart of New York. He has written extensively in the past and is no stranger to storms, both naturally and in the spiritual lives of the multitudes he has ministered to faithfully for years. I received the book "Storm" for free as part of the book review program for bloggers, available through Book Look at http://www.booklookbloggers.com/ . It was a good read and inspiring, particularly in the area of prayer.
           What can help us before the storm arrives? It is prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit which are the emphasis of the preparations that the author discusses. While building a case for the inevitable storm to come in the church world, Pastor Cymbala stresses the vital need to not only connect with God in this time, but the courage to believe that He can and will change things if His people will pray. Though he does address some of the current trends in the church that are leading up to the storm that is to come, he does not 'bash' the leaders in the church world. He merely exhorts them to focus on that which is Biblical and important in all of our churches everywhere.
           One interesting feature of the book is the testimonies interspersed in it's pages. Every few chapters will appear one chapter that is exclusively dedicated to telling the story of individuals in the Brooklyn Tabernacle who have lived through their own storms and have seen God change their lives for the better. We all may face different types of storms in our lives. But, leaders like Jim Cymbala can help us to prepare ourselves for their arrival and equip us to still be standing tall when their winds have died down for good.

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