Monday, September 15, 2014

Heavem, Hell and Life After Death by Kay Arthur


              Bible teacher Kay Arthur, the founder of precepts Ministries, has been faithfully expounding the truths found in the scriptures for decades, consistently, day in and day out. She has authored numerous books previously and has provided Bible study resources on dozens of topics. Through the free book program for bloggers, available through available at , I received a complimentary copy  of Kay's new Bible study resource "Heave, Hell and Life After Death" for review. It was a simple, but pleasant read for me.
              The book is part of a series of 40 minute Bible study tools that Precepts Ministries offers. It is approximately 120 pages, and is divided into six sections. Each section addresses a particular question, such as "Why do we have to die?", "Can we live again after death?" and others. Within the topics lessons, there are things to discuss and to observe. Anyone familiar with Kay's method of Inductive Bible Study will recognize the circles, underlines and symbols she uses for marking up scripture passages. And one of the features I like about this tool is the scriptures verses that are in the column found to the side of each page, so that you don't have to look them up to study them.
              Though the book can be used by anyone, it addresses the leader of  a small group in the pages, to guide in the process. Ideal for either a group study or individual efforts, the book will help anyone who has questions about heaven, hell and the afterlife. I will caution, however, that to get the most out of this resource, you have to do what she recommends. In other words, if you just read it as a book, and don't do the lessons, you may not find it as enjoyable.
              Bible study is important, especially in the culture we live in, which is quick to question everything and to promote unscriptural viewpoints. I hope that Kay and her staff will continue to produce resources that help the body of Christ and unbelievers everywhere to learn the Bible. If you choose to use it, I believe it can aid you in growing in your knowledge of God and His word.


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